Adhesives & Paints

Adhesives & Paints

Please note that adhesives and paints can not be shipped through normal mail carrier procedures , please contact for availability.

For collection please contact for prior consent.


UHU 32 ml tubes, General purpose glue                                    £2.30 each  

PVA 125 ml bottles, JAVIS scatter adhesive                             £2.30 each

Liquid cement 57 ml bottles, Plastic struct liquid                        £2.50 each


HUMBROL ENAMEL PAINTS        No 1 Tins      14 ml    ONLY   £1.50 each  

HU002 Emerald green         

HU003 Brunswick green    

HU011 Silver                       

HU014 French blue   

HU015 Midnight blue

HU016 Gold

HU018 Orange

HU019 Bright red

HU020 Crimson

HU021 Gloss black

HU022 Gloss white

HU033 Matt black

HU061 Matt flesh

HU069 Yellow

HU070 Matt red brick

HU121 Matt pale stone

HU224 Matt dark slate


Enamel thinners - 125 ml                                                          £3.60 each


Please note all above items can not be posted , please contact for advice & availability


If you require paint brushes please look in our Tools section or use the search menu to locate specific products.